Help in Healing Your Life

Susan Cummings Nicholson, PhD, LCSW
Board Certified Diplomate

For over 25 years, my professional life has been devoted to helping people find within themselves the relief they have been seeking.  Many also discover a sense of contentment and peace they had never known before.

I am trained in most psychotherapeutic modalities, and I draw upon the model or models that seem most appropriate for each client.  All treatment plans are customized to meet the individual needs of each client, and are discussed with the client before treatment starts.  I introduce Mindfulness Meditation frequently, which becomes for most clients an invaluable tool in helping them in their healing and growth journey, regardless of their specific goals.

I practice as a generalist and have also received extensive specialized training in the areas of Trauma and Abuse Recovery, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Dissociative Disorders, and Relationship Issues.

The name of my practice is Thimble Shoals Counseling & Therapy Center PC.
My practice is now through a Telehealth platform, so I am able to provide teletherapy to clients throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Dealing with Stress

Do you frequently feel overwhelmed, because of the level of stress you encounter? Do you sometimes feel as though you are losing control of your life, because of the multitasking required to accomplish all that you need to do? Do you ever feel stuck, when you try to consider ways to reduce the stress in your life? Are you able to see your reactions to stressful situations as separate from the events themselves? Sorting out your answers to these questions may be the beginning of a more peaceful existence for you. As long as you believe you are unable to do anything about the stress in your life, you will continue to experience negative reactions to it. Read more

Depression or  Grief

Have you been struggling with sadness so deep that it is frightening you?  Or, have you been feeling so overwhelmed with the circumstances in your life, that you have no energy or motivation to do anything? Are you having trouble sleeping, concentrating or finding any pleasure in the things you used to enjoy? You may be losing weight, because of no appetite; or struggling with increasing weight, because of compulsive eating that is out of control. Perhaps you hate being in the place in which you find yourself, but when you try to get back into life, you feel too paralyzed to change.  Read more

Relationship Problems

What do we really fear in our relationships? According to Richard Moss, author and teacher on the transformational power of conscious living, the answer is FEELING. Moss believes that what we are unwilling to feel, or what we believe ourselves unable to feel in relationship, defines the limits of our willingness to be honest, to speak our truth without rancor, and to be loving and open-hearted. Image how our reactions in relationship, particularly a primary love relationship, might be different, if we took the risk of sharing openly and deeply about how we think and feel, and of listening without judgment to our partner’s experience. Read more

Anxiety or Worry

Do you feel nervous or agitated much of the time, or seem to worry about everything? Do you start to feel anxiety and dread, when you anticipate being in certain situations? Perhaps, you have been experiencing panic attacks that appear “out of the blue”, for no reason that make sense to you. Do you feel trapped in obsessive thought patterns that will not leave you alone, or compulsive behaviors that you have been unable to stop? Have you found yourself avoiding people or altering your normal routine, to avoid situations that are difficult?  Read more

Wounds from the Past

Do you still struggle frequently with difficult memories from your past? Do you find yourself feeling uncomfortable in certain places and situations, or around certain kinds of people, but you can’t put your finger on exactly why? Have you always struggled unsuccessfully to feel good about yourself, and to have the kind of self-confidence you observe in others? Do you feel as though you will never be able to break free from the effects of awful things that you have experienced? Do you have nightmares or flashbacks of scenes you would like to forget forever? Do you sometimes feel “not worthy to be loved”, or guilty because you can’t fix everything for everyone else? Read more

Finding Happiness

Do you consider yourself a basically happy person, or does it seem that happiness has always eluded you?  When you wake up each morning, do you look forward to what life may bring you that day, or do you dread it?  Do you think frequently about the things you do not have and feel sad about your loss?  Do you feel anger when you think about how much better someone else has it, than you do?  Do you think that most people enjoy a level of happiness in life that you are entitled to, but have missed out on? Read more

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